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New PCB Inline Router Machine for PCB Separation Solutions

New PCB Inline Router Machine for PCB Separation Solutions

Standard machine and Non-standard machine, the main area

Don't be different in processing range, standard machine single table cutting range 300*360mm, increase machine single table cutting

Cutting range 400*450mm. Secondly, the appearance dimensions are different and the installation space is slightly different.

Dust collection method can absorb dust and suction dust according to customer needs. The suction dust is on the suction port at the top, from

The surface of the PCBA is vacuumed, and the dust is sucked down to vacuum the dust suction port on the lower surface of the PCBA board.

Dust removal function, built-in vacuum cleaner.

The exit mode can be selected according to the needs of the belt mode, the track mode or the cylinder mode, and can be respectively corresponding to the flow.

The water line back end has different needs.

This model comes standard with a 12-inch industrial touch screen for quick and easy operation.

The edge-finding function is a high-precision cutting function that can specify certain cutting positions using CCD photo positioning and cutting.

Cut the edges to achieve precise cutting.


The machine series is mainly an on-line sub-board equipment, which uses a milling cutter to run at a high speed.

Pre-edit path trajectories are segmented to avoid manual breaks, V-CUT or PUSH cutting, and increase production

Product quality, reduce scrap rate, this machine uses human-machine interface WIN7 operating system, and is equipped with high-pixel CCD vision

System, teaching production and editing to modify the cutting path is very fast, can be single-step and overall modification, deletion, addition

Program track. This model adopts follow-up dust removal and double gripping at the same time, which improves the dust removal ability and grasping and releasing.

Board efficiency.