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In the future electronic SMT intelligent manufacturing factory, where is the essence of Industry 4.0?

In the future electronic SMT intelligent manufacturing factory, where is the essence of Industry 4.0?

In the past two years since the release of "Made in China 2025", the concept level has been splendid, from industrial 4.0, industrial informationization to intelligent manufacturing, unmanned factories, and now extended to driverless cars, unmanned ships, unmanned medical equipment. In such hot areas, it seems that the era of industrial intelligence and unmannedness is close at hand.

The automation of production equipment is very easy to understand for manufacturing companies. It is the automation of the production equipment through automated machine tools, robots and other automation equipment, but how to understand the automation of data flow? In smart factories, How does the data flow automatically? How many passes do you need to go through?

In the future, all products are customer-oriented, and the data carrying knowledge flows freely along the direction of product value. From market demand, product development, production planning, production execution, marketing to after-sales service, data is collected, analyzed and decided. Value-added in implementation, virtual and precise mapping, digital virtual world guidance, control of the production of the physical physical world, solving the problems of uncertainty, diversity and complexity in the physical physical world, ensuring the correct data at the right time Send to the right person and machine and perform the correct execution. At the same time, the physical world of the world optimizes the digital virtual world through feedback. The two worlds of the virtual and the real are mutually integrated, conjugated and developed together to achieve intelligent production.

As an important structural part of the artificial intelligence body, the PCB circuit board will usher in a vast and useful place.

The second China Mobile Manufacturing Automation Exhibition entered the countdown to 2018. In 2017, the first China Mobile Phone Manufacturing Automation Exhibition let us appreciate the technology and innovation of China's mobile phone industry and the unity and progress of the company. What exciting and surprises will be staged in 2018, let us look forward to it together.

In automotive PCBs, the demand for power control systems will exceed 50% (currently 32%), including engine control units, starters, generators, transmission control devices, fuel injection, power steering systems, and more.

Especially in new energy vehicles, the complex, high voltage, high current and high temperature characteristics of inverters and converters bring higher performance requirements for PCB products. Secondly, it is about 25% of the body electronic system, including automotive lighting, HVAC, power door and seat, keyless, TPMS, etc. Among them, LED lighting has a very high demand for PCB products, often using metal-based printed circuit boards.

The third is the safety control system, which accounts for about 22%, mainly including ADAS, ABS, and airbags. Finally, the cockpit system, which accounts for a minimum of about 3%, is mainly reflected in the PCB requirements for instrument display and entertainment equipment.

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