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  • Pulse Heating Soldering Machine,CWPC-3A
Pulse Heating Soldering Machine,CWPC-3A

Pulse Heating Soldering Machine,CWPC-3A

  • Product description: Pulse Heating Soldering Machine,CWPC-3A
Pulse Heating Soldering Machine,CWPC-3A Feature
1. According to different products, optional temperature for your choice.
2. Unique material thermode head, ensure the average pressure
3. Has vacuum function, easier for adjustment and positioning.
4. NC temperature, clear and high precision
5. With digital pressure gauge, pressure range can be preset.
6. Microcomputer control, high accuracy and stable.
7. Programmable curve Including pre-heating and reflow soldering temperature.
8. Suitable for all kinds of high density TAB, TCP and pressure to FPC, FFC and PCB soldering pressure welding.
9. Precise PID control, phase angle replace pulse drive.
10. Less Libration, less noise, avoiding voltage fluctuate
11. Rotable dual fixtures with high working efficiency
12. Touch screen input data, simplify the operation.

13. Real-time display temperature curve and temperature data

Pulse Heating Soldering Machine,CWPC-3A Technical parameters

Machine size:
Working area:
Max 120*120mm
Machine weight:
Working air pressure:
Power supply:
AC220V±10% 50HZ,2200W
Temperature settings:
Working environment:
Welding pressure:
Temperature settings:
RT~500℃ tolerance ±5℃
Pressing time:
Welding precision:
pitch 0.2mm
Thermode head size:
Max 60*3mm
Fixture quantity:
Alignment mode:
CCD + LCD Monitor
Feeding mode:
Starting mode:
Press two start button
Heating mode:
heating pulse rise time of 1~2 seconds
Rotation Platform:
Cylinder control tolerance<0.02mm

Pulse Heating Soldering Machine,CWPC-3A Application
For a variety of high density TAB, TCP crimping and FPC, FFC and
PCB solder crimp.

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