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  • USB Automatic Soldering Machine,CWPU-1A
USB Automatic Soldering Machine,CWPU-1A

USB Automatic Soldering Machine,CWPU-1A

  • Product description: USB automatic soldering machine,USB automatic bonding machine,CWPU-1A

USB Automatic Soldering Machine,CWPU-1A Feature:

1. High efficiency: save costs, completely replace the industry solder workers. A machine can weld 900-1200pcs per hour, only one person to operate, that is, an ordinary workers arrived in 4 solder skilled craftsmen. And the quality of the products are stable, without false welding or even welding, tin point evenly.

2.High reliability: fully automatic wire bonding machine is adjustable through the digital time, pressure, power, temperature

3. Long machine life: USB automatic wire bonding machine is the use of high-quality imported parts and finishing parts, higher accuracy, excellent wear resistance, superior quality, reliable quality, stable performance, and long life.

After welding, good electrical conductivity, the resistivity is very low or nearly zero. With low requirements on welding metal surfaces, oxidation or plating all can be welded.

USB Automatic Soldering Machine,CWPU-1A Specification:

touch screen
Temperature control method:
constant temperature
Supply voltage:
Air pressure:
Welding Materials: solder wire
Capacity per hour:
approximately 200kg

USB automatic soldering machine,CWPU-1A Application:

1.USB welding between the A male and the wire

2.USB welding between the A female and the wire

3.The welding between Micro USB and wire (5 solder joints can be welded)

4. The welding between MINI and wire

5.Welding between the apple head and the wire