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  • CWLS-W,​FPC Laser Soldering Machine,LED Soldering machine ​​
CWLS-W,​FPC Laser Soldering Machine,LED Soldering machine ​​

CWLS-W,​FPC Laser Soldering Machine,LED Soldering machine ​​

  • Product description: CWLS-W,​FPC Laser Soldering Machine,LED Soldering machine ​​

CWLS-W,FPC Laser Soldering Machine,LED Soldering machine Product Description:

The product will automatically enter the welding station in tray mode - through CCD identification positioning - automatic, accurate and quantitative cutting and extracting tin wire to welding position - automatic laser welding - automatic flow into next station.

Main advantage of laser soldering technique is flexibility under precise control.

Product Features:

1.The production rhythm 3S (double track) and 5S (Dan Gui) optional, yield above 98%;

2.The soldering efficiency is high, and the solder joint is especially suitable for mass production of multi solder joints and can be processed continuously without interruption;

3.The degree of automation is high, the plate is in and out, and the upper and lower working stations are seamlessly connected with each other to realize highly automatic production;

4.Completely closed structure, processing pollution-free, safe operation and use.

FPC Laser Soldering Machine,LED Soldering machine,CWLS-W Technical advantages:

1.The tin line is quantitatively and integrally formed without Tin splash and residual;

2.The welding effect is good, the welding spot is full and the consistency is good;

3.CCD imaging real-time observation processing;

4.The equipment has strong expansion function and is suitable for processing many 5.kinds of complicated processing parts;

6.The processing program can be edited and easy to operate.

Product Parameter:

Feeding Mode

On board or out of orbit

Laser parameters

Power: 10-20W optional

Wave Length: 1070± 5nm

Mode: Continuous

Tin Wire Specification


Control Mode

PLC Motion+PC Image Processing

Mechanical Repeat ability Accuracy


Visual Positioning System

CCD:5Million Pixels



Outline Size


Disk Size


Host Weight


Power Waste


Power Supply

Single Phase 220V 15A

Compressed Gas


Application Field:

Suitable for VCM motor coil welding, flexible circuit board FPC or rigid circuit board PCB welding, high precision liquid crystal screen, LCD welding and other fields.