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Consumer Electronics and Automotive Eelectronics will continue to Promote the Development of the SMT Industry

The future hot spots in the SMT industry are still consumer electronics and automotive electronics. In the emerging field, 5G networks will become another bright spot.

When it comes to the SMT market hotspot, mobile communication is still the largest application market. Although growth has slowed down, it continues to grow, and mobile phones are representative products. The second piece is wearable electronics. The representative product is a smart watch. It is not as popular as a mobile phone, but its growth momentum is very fierce.

Car electronics development space is very large

As for automotive electronics, there are many innovative products in this area. Taking unmanned driving as an example, it requires a variety of electronic products, especially sensors, to detect whether the vehicle is off track, the distance from the front car, or even the safety mechanism. Once a car accident occurs, the door is opened one minute later. Did not open, indicating that someone was in a coma, and immediately called the emergency number. All of these can explain the development of automotive electronics is very broad.

In addition to being one of the largest automotive electronics consumers, China is also the source of automotive components. Many of the largest automotive electronics manufacturers in Europe and the United States rely on Chinese suppliers. These suppliers are not only manufacturing, but also more and more to the road of research and development, to propose innovative and upgraded products for car manufacturers.

5G network promotes base station upgrade

According to news reports, China's three major telecommunications operators (mobile, linkage, telecommunications) have officially confirmed the list of the first 5G network coverage services, a total of 19 cities + Xiong'an new district, estimated that some cities' consumers next year Enjoy 5G services, which are hundreds of times faster than 4G.