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  • CCD Vision PCB Loader Router Machine for PCB Cutting Machine
CCD Vision PCB Loader Router Machine for PCB Cutting Machine

CCD Vision PCB Loader Router Machine for PCB Cutting Machine

  • Product description: CCD Vision PCB Loader Router Machine for PCB Cutting Machine

CCD Vision PCB Loader Router Machine for PCB Cutting Machine Features:

The machine series is mainly an on-line sub-board equipment, which uses a milling cutter to run at a high speed.

Pre-edit path trajectories are segmented to avoid manual breaks, V-CUT or PUSH cutting, and increase production

Product quality, reduce scrap rate, this machine uses human-machine interface WIN7 operating system, and is equipped with high-pixel CCD vision

System, teaching production and editing to modify the cutting path is very fast, can be single-step and overall modification, deletion, addition

Program track. This model adopts follow-up dust removal and double gripping at the same time, which improves the dust removal ability and grasping and releasing.

Board efficiency.

(1) Vision System

1.Mark positioning correction

Mark positioning correction function is based on computer image processing, which is performed on the PCB placed on the processing table.

Positioning correction to achieve higher cutting accuracy, and for the multi-panel PCBA, only one piece is made

PCBA cutting program and Mark reference position, other PCBA can be corrected according to the teaching board after Mark correction

Cutting to improve cutting accuracy;

2 Image zoom assist teaching

When the image is reduced, the field of view is increased, which is beneficial for program editing to quickly find a point. When the image is enlarged, the field of view is reduced.

Conducive to precise alignment.

3 Edge positioning cutting function (optional)

The edge-cutting is performed by using the CCD to first position the cutting position and find the precise cutting edge.

The lower cutting point greatly reduces the degree of unevenness of the edge of the product during cutting and improves the cutting precision.

(2)Tool Monitoring System

1.Tool segmentation

For the PCBA thickness, the tool can be set to use the segment length and the tool single segment cutting distance, that is, the same

The milling cutter can be used in several stages. After cutting a certain distance, another section is used to improve the cutting efficiency and reduce the cutting efficiency.

Use less consumables and make full use of the tools;

2.Broken knife detection

The equipment is equipped with a broken knife slide detection sensing device to cut off the tool during the machining process, the tool slips, etc.

Abnormal conditions are monitored, and the detection frequency can be set as needed to protect PCBA from tools

Abnormal and damaged, can also prompt the operator equipment abnormalities.

3.Automatic tool change function

Countertop device 1~8 tool change slots, automatic tool change can be performed when the tool is abnormal, which improves production efficiency and reduces

Stop time.

(3) Double gripping at the same time

The Carry module is equipped with two grippers, Z1 and Z2, which can be taken while removing the finished daughter board.

The main board of the front-end area to be processed also puts down the board to be processed when the processed sub-board is lowered.

(4) Track memory / auto-width adjustment

This model can automatically record the track width according to the type of machine technology. It can be adjusted automatically when this model is turned on.

Front and rear track width.

(5)Link copy

For array-style board PCBA, sub-board can be used under the premise of making a sub-board program

The sequence is copied out of the matrix array program, that is, the entire slab is processed to cut the trajectory, which greatly reduces the program editing time.

High line change efficiency.

(6) Program shortcut editing and review

When editing the program, for the editing of the cutting track, all the shortcut keys can be used to move and insert the track points;

When reviewing the program, you can also use the shortcut keys to move and review the track points to reduce the program editing and complex.

Check the time.

(7) Independent lower blade depth setting

For the production, the PCBA has a component under the cutting position, and it is not easy to cut the PCB through the PCB.

The lower cutting depth of the cutting path can be set separately, which can improve the cutting precision and better adapt

The special case of PCBA.

(8)Spindle protection

1.Spindle opening delay

The spindle that drives the milling cutter can cut different thicknesses only when it reaches a certain speed.

PCBA, it takes time for the spindle to reach a certain speed. In the user parameters, the spindle can be set as needed.

The delay after opening, so that the spindle can be put into the cutting work after the normal speed.

2.Spindle maintenance time setting

The spindle is the key core part of the cutting PCBA. The correct maintenance and maintenance of the spindle can greatly extend the spindle.

Life expectancy. In the continuous working environment, the spindle can be set to be used continuously, and it can be used after the usage time is reached.

Line spindle maintenance, spindle maintenance time setting can remind the operator very well.