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Laser Soldering Technology Promotes The Development Of Automobile Manufacturing Industry

General Motors Corporation has adopted 22 laser processing production line; the United States Ford automobile company by Nd:YAG laser combined with the industrial robot Soldering car body, greatly reduce the cost of manufacturing As early as 2000, 50% of the 3 largest automobile companies in the United States were soldered by the laser soldering line. In Japan, the successful application of laser soldering on the production line has attracted worldwide attention. For example, in the manufacture of automobile bodies, the new method of stamping forming thin sheet steel by laser soldering , now has the world's most car manufacturers to follow.

The automobile industry has entered the flexible modular production mode, and the traditional processing technology can not meet the needs of the new production mode, which provides more development space for the large-scale application of laser soldering technology. According to statistics, in Europe and America developed industrial countries, there are 50% to 70% of the automotive parts are processed by laser processing, mainly laser soldering and cutting. Today, laser welding has become a standard process in the automotive industry. The laser is used for the welding of the body panel, and the metal plates with different thickness and coating with different surface can be welded together and then pressed, so that the panel structure can reach the most reasonable metal combination. The laser welding technology not only reduces the cost, but also greatly improves the production efficiency.

In the 12th international automobile manufacturing technology and equipment and Materials Exhibition (AMTS 2016), the laser soldering solution as the theme is not only reflected in the auto parts processing; soldering body in white, laser technology has also been considerable application. In the laser soldering technology exhibition area, professional audiences from more than 90000 people from all over the world will fully study the full range of laser soldering technology.