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Pcb Cutting with Fpc Laser Depaneling Machine

PCB depaneling (singulation) laser machines and systems have been gaining popularity over recent years. Mechanical depanaling/singulation is done with routing, die cutting, and dicing saw methods. However, as the boards get smaller, thinner, flexible, and more sophisticated, those methods produce even more exaggerated mechanical stress to the parts. Large boards with heavy substrates absorb these stresses better, while these methods used on ever-shrinking and complex boards can result in breakage. This brings lower throughput, along with the added costs of tooling and waste removal associated with mechanical methods.

Increasingly, flexible circuits are found in the PCB industry, and they also present challenges to the old methods. Delicate systems reside on these boards and non-laser methods struggle to cut them without damaging the sensitive circuitry. A non-contact depaneling method is required and lasers provide a highly precise way of singulation without any risk of harming them, regardless of substrate.

Pcb Cutting with Fpc Laser Depaneling Machine has unparalleled advantages, mainly reflected in the below points:

More quick and easy, shorten the delivery time;
High quality 、no distortion、surface clean& uniformity;
Gathering the CNC tech、laser tech、software tech…High accuracy、High speed

Chuangwei Pcb Cutting with Fpc Laser Depaneling Machine use imported UV laser with 10W, 12W, 15W & 17W for different applications covering FPC panel & FR4 panels. if you have any interest, please feel free to contact us.