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Laser Cutting Machine Instead of the Traditional Manual Processing and Machining

Laser cutting machine instead of the traditional manual processing and machining
     With the complexity of the cutting process to strengthen the traditional manual processing and machining by the equipment and technology constraints, the accuracy of the object to be processed to a certain extent, the quality of the product, even worse, affecting the economic benefits. The same time as
According to the laser energy of high density, operability and other characteristics, in the years of production of laser equipment on the basis of the successful development of a new generation of XP system high-speed laser cutting machine. The equipment processing materials widely, cutting the edge of smooth and no burr, no polishing, no noise, no dust, processing speed, high precision, low waste, high efficiency, is the industry's necessary and replacement of the best choice. The same time as
Product features: The company's UV laser cutting machine with high efficiency, fast FPC shape cutting, contour cutting, drilling and covering the window and other functions;
(1) FPC shape cutting block, layered, designated block or select the area of cutting and direct molding function allows you to feel free, free cutting. The bottom and side of the junction with a clear boundary, showing perfect quality, especially for fine, difficult, complex patterns such as the appearance of cutting. The same time as
(2) FPC cover film cutting the cover of the cutting edge of the contours of the rounded smooth, smooth and no burr, no overflow glue, effectively solve the mold and other mechanical processing in the vicinity of the window there are burrs and overflow rubber problems, thereby enhancing the product Quality, enhance the competitiveness of products. The same time as
(3) FR4 Reinforcement, PI Reinforcing Cutting The edges of the reinforcing plate are rounded and smooth and burr-free.
(4) Radiation shielding film cutting The cutting edge of the screen is tidy and smooth. The same time as
(5) FPC / PCB contour cutting, drilling using high-precision CCD automatic positioning, auto focus, so that positioning fast and accurate, time-saving, high efficiency, fast delivery. The same time as
(6) PCB to copper to remove any size of the PCB on any size area of copper. For example, because the PCB design error will not connect the two areas should be connected, this time through this function will be removed at the connection of copper, so as to separate the two areas to save this PCB board.