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How to choose cutting machine in LED industry?

Manufacturers of LED lighting tubes, LED backlight and other manufacturers will use the sub board machine.

Generally, the LED plate converter is used for the production of the tube:

LED Cutting Machine (cheap), corresponding models: CWVC-1SJ three groups of aluminum substrate plate machine, double section split high speed plate machine;

Plate machine (expensive, high efficiency), corresponding model: LED light plate splicing cutting machine.

The above two points in two ways is currently LED lamp tube production is the most commonly used, no matter what material is the LED board (paper plate, aluminum plate, FR-4 board), can be split way above two kinds of schemes for.

Cob, LED board, light lamp substrate, can be used to plate type sub board machine. Cob suggested that relatively small substrate using automatic guillotine or whole spell trigger trigger points, improve the efficiency of. Welcome to contact Bunny.